Happy New Year!

Once upon a time, this blog was a happening place. Then, like so many other things, the house renovation and the blog where put on hold. I could have continued blogging about other things, but made the decision to stay on topic and post nothing.

Situations have shifted, slightly, for the better.  We are back to doing some things here, although money is still tight.  I will therefore revive the blog, which is no small task. The software and database are woefully out of date.  The front page design, template and overall look leaves lots of room for improvement.  I also intend to go through past posts and make corrections or delete as appropriate.

The new, revised blog will be about home improvement.  I am going to do away with any tool recommendations, as they often become a place were anyone with a gripe will come and post about their issues with that particular tool.  When I read those comments, it often seems the tool owner is not following directions or is generally trying to do something the tool manufacture had not intended.

I look forward to inviting you all back in and posting about such things as our zero energy barn, construction of which is underway.  I will also post our plans for the final push to finish renovating this house, which includes such things as a building front porch, replacing siding, renovating the old bathroom, finishing the fireplace hearth, adding backup power generation, etc.

Thanks for reading.

Update: Well, new data base, somewhat stream lined content, not all the old posts made it over, new template, updated ad interface, etc.  Looks like the back office upgrades are done.  I am busy going through the older posts and fixing picture links, etc.  That may take some time, but for now, we are back in business.

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